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Two Bed Type B 7.8m x 6.9m

27,860 21,900 inc. Vat

Built by our professional log cabin builders with years of experience in carpentry and log cabin building. 10 years structural warranty included.

100mm Mineral-wool floor insulation is included as our standard for all residential log cabins.

Roof insulation is most important insulation of your log cabin. Heat naturally rises up and insulated roof traps the heat inside your cabin making it very warm and reducing your heating cost.

Our premium 28mm floor boards are the thickest boards on the market! These thick boards makes floor sturdy & strong. You can comfortably put heavy load on them without bending.

Roof boards cladding is internally visible. 19mm is perfect cost & strength balance.

Our steel roof sheets comes pre-cut to your log cabin roof size. It is coated in premium UPVC which is resistant to scratches and do not change color from the hot sun. Be careful and don’t chose Polyester coated steel roof from our competitors.

Its Irish LAW to have toughened safety glass if its below 800mm from the floor. All our glass doors & long windows are toughened safety glass (from both sides). Safety is first!

All our residential cabins have premium living type windows and doors. 24mm Argon gas filled double glazing with this frame and 5 point locking mechanisms is standard. To reduce the maintenance we recommend to upgrade to UPVC windows and doors. See options below.

Insulation is worthless unless its dry, all our cabins comes with breathable damp proof membranes.

Size7.8m x 6.9m
Log Thickness45mm
Wall Height2.3m
Ridge Height3.0m
Roof Boards19mm
Floor Boards28mm
Floor Bearers45mm x 100mm
Windows2 x Premium Double Windows
3 x Premium Single Windows
Doors1 x  Premium Single Door
3 x Internal Doors

Please expand and select product options below

Foundation Type *

Client guarantees level foundation to our specifications. Please contact us to get specifications for your log cabin foundation.

+ 1,700 inc. Vat

Our timber frame and block pad foundation consist of a pressure treated timber frame, covered with damp proof membrane & mounted on stilts. This rests on concrete block pads, placed in a meter grid formation, which are cemented in place to avoid lateral or vertical movement. If locating on a flat surface, the building will be raised approximately 20cm off the ground. If located on a slope, it may be raised higher, which can increase the cost.

+ 5,390 inc. Vat

Subject to site visit. Our steel reinforced concrete slab with Radon gas barrier and torch on felt layer.

Wall Insulation *

Not advisable for residential log cabins or home offices.

+ 3,000 inc. Vat

Our external 100mm insulation + breathable damp proof membrane + 25mm ventilated facade + 19mm pressure treated ship-lap cladding. This the highest standard option, the structural wall is never exposed to the elements as the pressure treated cladding protects the building.

Gutters & Down Pipes *

More frequent maintenance and cleaning of the log cabin.

+ 480 inc. Vat

Gutters and down pipes protect your log cabin from rain damaging the ground around the foundation, as well as protecting your log cabin walls from splashing dirt and moisture.

Foundation Cover-Up *

I understand the cabin will be raised off the ground and the foundation will be visible, which may not be aesthetically pleasing.

+ 450 inc. Vat

175 mm pressure treated boards installed around the base of the log cabin to conceal the timber frame foundation. If a taller cover up is required, additional cost will be incurred.

Single Step *

I understand that accessing the cabin may be difficult as the cabin will be raised off the ground by the timber frame and block pad foundation. (Minimum 20cm).

+ 150 inc. Vat

Single step built on site from pressure treated boards, to allow ease of access to the cabin. If built on a slope, further steps may be required at additional cost.

Product price
inc. Vat
Additional options total:
inc. Vat
Order total:
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Two Bed Type B


This 2-bed log cabin/log home layout is inspired by the IKEA 2 bed apartment range. Its compact design is perfect for those who have very little space available but wish to have 2-bedroom log home. This log home has a single and double bedroom. The hallway has an attractive feature with built in wardrobe/cloakroom. Our architect managed to fit a full-sized kitchen and dining table for a small family.  We also offer a full package with electrics, plumbing, with kitchen and bathroom units installed.

If you have any further queries or if this model is not exactly what you are looking for, we specialize in bespoke cabins and can create a cabin from your own custom design! Contact us today using the form below or call us on 01 564 1964, we look forward to helping you.

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Additional information


7.8m (25.6ft)


6.9m (22.6ft)

Log Thickness

45mm (1.7in)


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